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Motorbike custom painting offers personality to your bicycle

Some people wish to do it independently and others wish to take it to a specialist. It requires time equipment and lots of different materials and products. You will need an air compressor, with spray guns and perhaps an airbrush, DA sander and a buffer. You desire a location to work also. You ought to have ample room to go around. You ought to have a lot of enthusiasts and light to eliminate the car paint fumes and over-spray.

Step 1: First, you will need to remove down your motorbike parts to bare steel. You can certainly do this in two various ways. The first way is to fine sand it. A DA can be utilized by you sander or by hand. The next way is by using a chemical stripper make certain to wear gloves. Use an etching solution if you are done.

Step 2: It is suggested because of this step that you utilize a two-stage primer. You should use several jackets at onetime before it is kept by you placed for 3 time. Then you should sand the parts. Focus on 220 grit first and go to 400 and 600 grit then.

Step 3: Clean down with a cleaner. You can purchase some at the motor vehicle supply store I take advantage of rubbing alcohol. Once the right parts are dried up from the cleaner, clean down with a tack rag and you're prepared to paint

Step 4: Coloring with your foundation color and then follow-up with 2-3 3 good jackets of clear.

Step 5: Sand clear with 400 grit sandpaper, follow-up with 600 grit then. Your stripes apply, mural or design, whatever you have chosen. Clearing before this task allows you to eliminate it, in circumstance a blunder is manufactured by you and begin over again.

Step 6: Apply 8 to 12 jackets of clear layer.

Step 7: You need to use a number of sandpapers. Focus on 400, 600 and 1000 grit then. Utilize the really fine sandpaper the 1500 then, 2000 grit and finish off with 2500 grit sandpaper then.

Step 8: Usually do not use much compound. Begin by by using a medium buffing element with the white foam pad. Next used an excellent substance with the dark-colored foam pad. Finish with an anti-swirl and a tactile side glaze.

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